Do you love surprising your loved ones with gifts, but the packaging usually ends up in the trash? No problem! Here are five great sustainable gift wrap ideas that you can easily create yourself:

Tip 1: Use old newspapers or magazines to wrap your gifts. You can also fold the sides into little boxes and decorate them with colorful ribbons.

Tip 2: Use empty tin cans to wrap small gifts in them. Paint or glue whatever you want on the cans and decorate them with pretty ribbons. You can let your creativity run free. The recipient can then use the cans as a pen holder, for example.

Tip 3: Instead of wrapping paper, you can also use fabric to wrap your gifts. You can use old towels, napkins, or even old clothes and tie them with ribbon.

Tip 4: Plants and natural elements are always a nice idea as a gift and as packaging at the same time. For example, use fir branches and orange peel for an atmospheric Christmas decoration or dried flowers for a natural look. Here you will find nature decoration set in our shop. There are also sustainable alternatives for wrapping paper, such as grass paper.

Tip 5: Reusable cloth bags are a great alternative to plastic bags. You can buy them in different sizes and colors, or you can sew them yourself and then use them over and over again. They are perfect for wrapping small gifts and large gifts.


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