Why is nature so important to us?

Our greatest source of inspiration is the uniqueness and diversity of nature. Not a day goes by that we don't enjoy a special bird, a colorful flower or the tranquility of the forest. That's why we want to do our part to preserve them. We plant a tree for every product sold.

Trees play an enormously important role in maintaining the ecosystem. They provide habitat for a wide variety of animal species, offer protection against erosion caused by rainfall and prevent the soil from drying out in warmer regions. Trees are also an indispensable tool in the fight against climate change.


We chose the Eden Reforestation Projects as a partner because they help nature and local communities at the same time. The Eden Reforestation Projects are currently active in eight countries. There they employ people permanently and pay them a fair wage to plant trees. This gives communities the opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty. The surrounding villages are also the first to benefit from the healthy forests. The trees ensure that more nutrients are stored in the soil, resulting in better harvests. Learn more about Eden.

Our previous donations

How the tree donation works:

Quite simply, for every product sold that you order from us, we donate a tree to Eden. No matter whether it is a chain, a postcard or a wreath of flowers.

Here you can find our profile on the Eden Reforestation website. The numbers are updated every month.

Dry Deciduous Project in Madagascar

Planting mangroves (tropical coastal forest)

Lemurs in Madagascar

Project Mozambique

project in Nepal