Welcome to the world of Fleuriscoeur. With our extraordinary jewelry and stationery, we want to accompany you wherever you go and make the small and big moments in your life even more beautiful. When creating new pieces of jewelry, we are inspired by nature, travel, current fashion trends or a simple walk in the forest. Each piece of jewelry tells a little story about people, places, plants and experiences that caught our attention.


We founded our label Fleuriscoeur in the summer of 2013. Jacky needed flower wreaths for a photography project. So Marion and Jacky made some wreaths together. After the shoot, the pictures were very well received and many people were also interested in where the wreaths came from. Since we had a lot of fun making the wreaths, we thought about opening an online shop for special hair accessories. At that time there were hardly any shops in Germany where you could buy flower wreaths.

Over time and thanks to many dear customers, Fleuriscoeur was able to continue to grow. This allowed us to expand our range to include unique jewelry. Making jewelry has always been our dream. However, this involves large investments, so we built it up little by little. Today we have a studio near Berlin where we design, photograph and package our jewelry. We are happy about our beautiful and creative tasks every day. Our Fleuriscoeur community is particularly important to us. You always give us great input and motivate us to keep going.


On our walks and travels we constantly collect new impressions of nature. These could be beautiful leaves on a tree or a fascinating wildflower. This  We then record impressions in photos or, for example, collect small beechnuts and take them with us to our studio. Then we select the most beautiful things and make the first drawings. We then determine how big the piece of jewelry should be. To ensure that the necklaces and earrings are beautifully delicate, we often reduce the size of the natural elements. Once we have decided on the finished trailer, we send the drawings to one of our partners, who advises us with a lot of know-how and creates the mold. All of our producers are certified by the Responsible Jewelery Council . Find out more about the origin and sustainability of our raw materials and jewelry .

After a few weeks we receive the first sample. Adjustments are sometimes necessary here. When everything has been worked out down to the smallest detail, the order goes into production and we receive the finished jewelry pieces. We then check these and put them together to create the finished pieces of jewelry.

Every package for our customers is packed with a lot of love. We do not use any plastic in the packaging process and you always receive a postcard, voucher or other little thing with your order.



Responsible for: production, customer service, quality

Hobbies: Cycling, watercolor painting, cuddling cats

Favorite travel destination: Scandinavia

Favorite piece of jewelry: fern necklace


Responsible for: photography, design, marketing and social media

Hobbies: Cooking, bouldering, hiking, painting

Favorite travel destination: Cinque Terre (Italy)

Favorite piece of jewelry: Esmiel necklace


Our greatest source of inspiration is the uniqueness and diversity of nature. That's why we want to do our part to preserve them. For every product sold, we plant a tree in cooperation with the Eden Reforestation Projects. There are now over 100,000 trees! Learn more