discoloration? No thank you! This is how you make your silver jewelery shine again

Do you know that? You open your jewelry box and your beautiful, sustainable silver jewelry is full of dark discolorations. And now?

Don't worry, one of our 5 tips will make your silver jewelery radiantly beautiful again in no time at all.

How does discoloration actually come about?

Whether rings, necklaces, earrings or even cutlery - if pure silver is exposed to air, a chemical reaction will occur after a certain time.

Also called "sulfonating" in technical jargon.

The result: unsightly, dark, sometimes almost black spots - the silver sulfide.

But not only air - or rather, the hydrogen sulfide contained in the air - but also sunscreen, perfume or sweat can lead to dark discoloration.

Good news: With the right cleaning, you can remove the discoloration in no time.

Tip number 1: aluminum foil and salt bath

The first tip is also our favorite tip: treat your silver jewelery to a little salt bath! To do this, heat a good liter of water with a few tablespoons of salt and then place the silver jewelery in the bath with some aluminum foil.

After just a few minutes, you can literally see the discoloration gradually disappearing. Why? A chemical reaction. It's magic!

In the case of stubborn discolouration, simply repeat the entire procedure.

Tip number 2: washing-up liquid and a water bath

Another easy way to get rid of slight discoloration is to put a few drops of dish soap in a water bath.

Treat the jewelery to a short bath in it and then carefully clean it with a soft toothbrush. Then rinse under clear water and dry with a soft cloth. Et voilà!

Tip number 3: toothpaste

Simply apply a little toothpaste carefully with a soft brush to your discolored piece of jewelry and after a short exposure time rinse with clear water and dry. fragrant thing!

Tip number 4: baking soda

Baking powder is a real all-rounder that should not be missing in any household. Dissolve the baking soda in a small bowl of water and place your discolored treasures in it. After a short exposure time, you should be able to easily brush away the dark areas with a soft toothbrush.

Tip number 5: silver cleaning cloth

Our mothers and grandmothers probably used the good old silver cleaning cloth to clean their silver jewellery. But it's far from out of fashion! You can get it for little money in almost every drugstore - and your silver jewelery will look radiant again!


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