Overview of chain lengths

What is the right chain length for you?

So that you have a better overview, we have summarized all of our chain lengths in one picture for you. Our chain lengths range from 35cm to 53cm. Each of our chains also has a 5cm long extension chain. This way you can adjust the length of your chain even better.

If you are unsure which length is the right one, you can use a string to help. You then place this around your neck in the way the chain should ideally lie. You can then measure the cord length with a ruler.

The chain looks best when it is not on the edge of a piece of clothing. So always measure so that there is a few centimeters of space to the edge of the sweater.

If you are still undecided about how best to combine the chain lengths, we have put together our favorite chain combinations for you here.

Our favorite chain combinations

35cm and 45cm

45cm and 45cm + 5cm

35cm, 45cm and 53cm

35cm and 53cm

45cm and 53cm