Yikes - Christmas is (again) just around the corner!

So it's high time to start thinking about gift ideas for your loved ones.

Here are a few inspirations for people who like things a little more "natural".

Gifts for nature lovers mushroom seminar

Gift idea number 1: herbal or mushroom seminar

What tastes better than a home-cooked meal? A home-cooked meal where you have collected the ingredients such as fresh herbs or mushrooms yourself!

The good ones in the pot, the bad ones in the jar: so that nothing goes wrong when collecting them yourself, you can be trained by professionals in herb or mushroom seminars on which plants are edible and which should rather not end up in the basket.

Gifts for nature lovers Nature jewelry

Gift idea number 2: natural jewellery

Natural jewelry is a great gift idea for people who want to show their closeness to nature.

Our Fleuriscoeur jewelry collection is inspired by the uniqueness and beauty of nature - be it a beautiful leaf or a mesmerizing wildflower. They all reflect our love for nature, are statement jewelery and eye-catchers at the same time.

Like our delicate silver chains with nature-inspired pendants like a playful holly blossom or a cute pine cone.

Or maybe our magical snowflake earrings are just the thing for the cold season? You can find more great gift ideas in our shop.

Gifts for Nature Lovers Nature Jewelry - Bird Tour

Gift idea number 3: ornithological tour

Beep, trill, chirp. Beautiful, but who is actually singing to himself - blackbird, thrush, finch or starling? Nature lovers can learn all this on an ornithological tour so that they can recognize our feathered friends by their song in the future.

nature art prints

Gift idea number 4: natural decoration for the interior

Nature paints the most beautiful pictures!

For this reason, we have lots of beautiful art prints in sizes from A2 to A5 with motifs from flora and fauna in our range.

From magnolia branches to maple leaves to beautiful animal illustrations, you will find a huge selection of magical art prints in our stationery section, which are printed in our studio with museum-quality lightfast pigment colors.

Gift idea number 5: A home-grown plant

This gift idea may take a little more preparation time than others, but there is also an incredible amount of love in it. And the joy about it is guaranteed to be all the greater!

In fact, a baby plant can be grown from just about any fruit or vegetable. Whether it’s an avocado, pineapple or pepper – with water, sun and a little patience, a small fruit or vegetable plant for the window sill will thrive from the core, stalk or plant seeds. You can find plenty of guides online.

Presented in a beautiful pot, an inexpensive yet priceless Christmas present.


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