Jewelry purple with a certain touch

The mixture of red and blue produces a unique result: the color purple or violet. It's clear that this color category shouldn't be missing from us either. Among other things, you will find purple stones or tassels combined with floral pendants, both silver-plated and gold-plated. Purple is a very individual color with a mysterious touch. It also plays a central role in fashion, as does jewelry in purple. Be excited to see what this color has to offer and have fun with our purple jewelry.

The fashion color 

Purple is said to be the color of spirituality and thus increases concentration and mental power. So by wearing purple clothes and purple jewelry, one can describe oneself as being in a state of mental clarity. A pair of earrings in dark purple with a purple dress and you are totally on trend. In 2014, the color Radiant Orchid, a bright shade of purple that leans slightly pink, was chosen as the fashion color of the year. Different shades of purple can also have different effects. A delicate lilac, for example, shows femininity.

Purple jewelry for women

Speaking of femininity: if you wear jewelry and this in purple, you can call yourself a self-confident woman! In the women's movement the color has stood for emancipation and love for women since the end of the 19th century. It really came into fashion in the 1920s and in the 70s it was the color of feminism. Also good to know: Purple Day, a memorial day for epilepsy, takes place worldwide every March 26th. So purple is definitely an important color.

Easy win

Power and wealth can also be expressed with purple dresses, as was the case in late antiquity. The dye could only be obtained from the rare and expensive purple snail with great effort. Fortunately, we can win purple jewelry very easily today, all you have to do is go to our shop. In addition to the purple jewelry trend, here you will also find other must-haves such as our Layering necklaces.