Pink jewelry: a girl's dream

Pink is many girls' favorite color. No wonder, her own parents are already wrapping their little doll in pink clothes and giving her pink toys. And as the princesses grow up, their preference for color usually decreases somewhat. But deep in our hearts, sometimes we still like to be the romantic princess with lots of pink jewelry! Pink jewelry is usually romantic and feminine at the same time. We mainly have gold-plated jewelry with pink stones, tassels and even velvet.

The color pink 

Of course we want to know what the color pink is all about. The effect of pink is gentle and soft, which is why it is generally associated with femininity. The same applies to pink jewelry. But there were also times when it was the other way around, pink was considered a masculine color. However, today this is sometimes more, sometimes less difficult to imagine. Also in the jewelry world. Here, black jewelry may be associated more than the more “masculine” jewelry. Pink is a positive, happy and optimistic color. We can also say the same about our pink jewelry. The bride in particular will make a good choice with pink jewelry at her wedding in this positive sense.

Rosey times 

The positive meaning also goes back to many sayings. For example, “rosy times,” “seeing everything through rose-colored glasses,” or “the world is rose-colored for them.” Pink jewelry not only looks rosy, but it also brightens your mood after you know this beautiful meaning. Although for us Jewelry has always generally been a mood enhancer.

Pink jewelry and pink clothing 

If you dress in pink, you look elegant. Pink was also sometimes referred to as “little red”. Red jewelry and red outfits have a similar effect. However, pink also has a calming aura. Still, many women don't want to own Barbie's wardrobe. Things are different with jewelry. Pink jewelry is easy to combine and goes with many looks. Have fun wearing it!