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Jewelry Black as a state 

If you have ever heard that black is not a color, you may have asked yourself what else it could be. In short, black is a state. A state of absence of light. We normally see colors thanks to electromagnetic radiation, the so-called light spectrum, with different wavelengths. When none of these catch the eye, we perceive black. Our black jewelry, on the other hand, is a state of true enthusiasm for us and we hope to be able to infect you with it too.

Black jewelry and its effect

Our jewelry in black is characterized by black sparkling stones, black tassels and black velvet. Surrounded by gold-plated chains and delicate pendants, it shows how well black and gold harmonize. As we have already described in our category for golden jewelry, it is timeless and precious. It's similar with jewelry in black. It looks noble and expensive. To go even further, black can have a sense of power or mystery. This is due to fashion, in which black is very dominant and can therefore appear serious and decisive. Depending on the occasion and style, there are of course completely different effects. Sometimes cool and rocky, dark or chic. Just think of the little black dress, a classic. But back to Jewelry – we believe that our black jewelry says one thing above all: timeless elegance! 

All black everything

In addition to colored jewelry such as jewelry in purple, which also goes perfectly with black fashion, there is a special combination: black jewelry and black clothing. This eye-catching trend is called “all black everything”. When choosing clothing, it is important to use different materials. For example, denim, cotton, knit and velvet. Our special velvet earrings go wonderfully with this. The different fabrics provide structure to the outfit. Another trend in the fashion world is the layering look, not just with chains that can be found in our shop. The aim here is to style different pieces of clothing in black on top of each other. For example, a blouse under a cozy sweater with the collar of the blouse still visible. In colder temperatures, wear a black vest over it and a light scarf. Finally, our black jewelry, which skilfully rounds everything off.