Aahhh, it's finally that time again: warmer temperatures, cheerful birdsong, rays of sunshine that tickle you awake and: that wonderfully unmistakable scent of flowers and freshly mown grass. Splendid!

With double-digit temperatures returning permanently, it can no longer be denied: spring is here!

Especially after long, cool winter months, there is probably nothing more beautiful than the signs of the first signs of spring, as spring is considered a symbol of awakening life. No wonder - because things are starting to sprout and bloom everywhere. A colorless dreariness gives way to delicate, colorful spring colors, nature and many animals awaken from their hibernation and begin to nest and breed.

Our mood also improves significantly: as soon as it gets warmer, we carry spring in our hearts. With the Fleuriscoeur spring collection you can also wear it visibly for everyone else. We tried to capture some of the first rays of sunshine and incorporate them into our spring-like jewelry.

Can't get enough of flowers? Wonderful, then we have some pieces of jewelry for you that are guaranteed not to wither. Wear your favorite flowers directly on your skin and spread spring-like magic, for example with our Floralie bracelet , which is decorated with many small pearl flowers made of gold-plated sterling silver. With our delicate small flower stud earrings or the eye-catching lily necklace , you will transform yourself into a magical flower child from head to toe.

Bssss...hardly any other animal symbolizes spring as much as the busy honey bee. So it goes without saying that the busy bee cannot be missing from our spring collection. Our bee jewelry is made of honey gold, such as the cute Bee necklace or the Amber Bee necklace - with their golden color they radiate warmth and elegance at the same time, and are guaranteed to put you in a good mood every time.

Speaking of a good mood: bet that with our colorful scrunchies you will not only provide charming splashes of color, but will also literally transform your hair into a good-mood hairstyle? Our raspberry ice cream scrunchie not only makes you want a delicious popsicle, it is also a great accessory that is particularly comfortable to wear thanks to its velvety material.

Are you longing for spring-like magic in your four walls? Our postcards and art prints have captured some of the most beautiful signs of spring. For example, a beautiful bouquet of peonies, which you can bring into your living room on our art print of peonies in DIN A5 or DIN A4 format. After your order, all of our art prints are individually printed for you in our studio in Berlin using lightfast pigment colors in museum quality.

Oh yes, spring is already really fragrant. With our enchantingly scented soaps in a vintage look, you can bring spring straight into your bathroom.

So you can enjoy the magical season with all your senses - whenever you want. Whether the enchanting scent of sweet strawberries with our Strawberry soap, the unmistakable smell of freshly mown grass with our Fresh Grass soap or the cheerful, captivating aroma of our orange blossom soap - our spring-like scented soaps in a vintage look are a real eye-catcher and scent-catcher!


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