Wedding in the Moroccan desert

The desert of Morocco exudes a very special magic. Endless expanses of sand dunes and hot sun. More and more couples are choosing this extraordinary location for their wedding. Breathtaking pictures and a unique experience for the bridal couple and their guests are guaranteed.

The effect of different gems

This week our new pieces of jewelry made of real gemstones are going online. Gemstones and crystals are not only beautiful to look at. They also have a positive effect on their wearer.


We are happy to show you this moody wedding shoot from Berlin today. The interplay of dark tones, elegance and a touch of mysticism makes our hearts beat faster. That's why we were there when Anna from ILand Berlin asked us if we would like to be part of the shoot.


I hope you had a happy new year and had a good start. Due to the occasion, we browsed for new jewelry trends for 2019 and created our top 4 from them.


In December we caught up with Jouline and Marc to shoot a wedding spread in natural browns, burgundy and muted green. Jouline photographed a bridal hair jewelry series with us two years ago. She has known her boyfriend Marc for many years.


What jewelry should I give my girlfriend?

Birthdays, Christmas or just because: there are many occasions to make your loved ones happy with a little something! It is often difficult to make a decision when there are so many choices. That's why we thought about creating a little gift guide for the jewelry lovers among you. You have already taken the first step, since you have landed in our online shop :-)


The sun is shining, a light breeze is blowing, and guests are seated in rows of chairs not far from a large, outdoor pavilion. A honk sounds from the direction of the nearby river. A small boat appears, adorned with tons of towering balloons and the beautiful bride in the middle. A few minutes later, with a smile on her lips, she is standing on the green meadow in the bright white of her strapless wedding dress.


Our name is made up of Fleur and Coeur, derived from French and translated into flowers and the heart. Of course, flowers should not be missing in our flower wreaths . We also take inspiration for many of our jewelery pieces from the world of plants, especially flowers. We love flowers because of their appearance, their scent. We like to give them away, collect them in a vase as decoration in our home or wear them on our heads in the form of hair accessories . Flowers that you have picked yourself also have a special value. But what else is there to learn about flowers?


A wedding in the country is the dream of many bridal couples. Celebrate carefree in the open air. Sitting at a rustic wooden table with your loved ones while the kids admire the llamas. The location is decorated with eucalyptus and fern. Completely natural without much shine and glitter and still full of joy and liveliness. The wedding color green and locations surrounded by fields and meadows have always been popular. It became the real trend when Pantone chose Greenery as their color of the year.


You walk across the warm sand, further and further towards the sunset. Seagulls screech and the sound of the waves accompanies you. In the distance you hear exotic sounds. At market stalls delicious, fragrant food is sold. For exactly such moments we have put together our summer edit for you. This jewelry collection contains the most beautiful pieces of jewelry for the summer, which you can take with you on vacation.


In Sweden and other Scandinavian countries, Midsommar is one of the most popular festivals of the year. We have put together 5 tips that you can use to celebrate a small Midsommar party yourself.

Tip 1: Go out into nature with friends and family. If you don't have any friends who live in the country, just rent a small house through AirBnb.


Today I want to start our new behind the scenes series on the blog. This is about the work behind Fleuriscoeur. What does our everyday work and workplace look like, how does a new collection come about, how do the preparations for a shoot look like? The start of the series is about a normal working day in my studio.


Imagine you open your eyes and you are in a cable car with your loved one. This carries you over valleys and forest up to the mountain top. Once there, the wedding party is already waiting for you in a lovingly decorated place. During the ceremony you will be surrounded by wildflowers and grasses.