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Unique jewelry in turquoise

Turquoise, the beautiful blue-green mixture with strong luminosity, is an expressive color with many associations and properties. A color that is reminiscent of the sea and summer and in which jewelry looks particularly good. Beach beauties will probably enjoy our turquoise jewelry. From gold-plated or silver-plated with rich turquoise gemstones to playful tassels, turquoise jewelry is available in many variations from us. Turquoise is rarely found in nature. Earrings, However, necklaces and rings have always found their way into the blue-green mixture. Thousands of years ago, a mineral, turquoise stone, was mined in large quantities by the ancient Egyptians, which is responsible for the color's current name. To this day, the mineral is only used to make turquoise jewelry.

The special color

However, there are noteworthy things that we associate with turquoise and nature. Clearly bright skies, shimmering sea or glacier ice. The latter ensures that the color is sometimes perceived as very cool. But only sometimes, the summer association with sun, beach and sea predominates. This is also the case with turquoise jewelry. However, the blue-green mixture is rarely worn as a clothing color, in contrast to turquoise jewelry. It is definitely an It color that is very special. The effect can range from extravagant to mood-enhancing. In 2010, turquoise was the color of the year. With us you can not only find turquoise jewelry, but also blue or green jewelry.

Wear turquoise jewelry correctly

We want the beautiful color to be used more in your outfit! Of course, this also includes our turquoise jewelry. That's why we have some tips for you here. Due to the cooling effect, it is advisable to combine warm tones such as beige or brown with turquoise. Gold accessories also work wonderfully. For the colorful ones among you, yellow is also recommended. Or you don't like it so conspicuous? Then the classics black, white and gray also work. Our jewelry in turquoise provides the colorful highlight. On the other hand, you can also wear our black jewelry with the eye-catching dress in bright turquoise. We hope you enjoy trying it out.