Jewelry Red: what red means 

Why do you automatically think of love when you hear the color red? Quite simply: the color red symbolizes warmth and love, obviously because the heart is usually depicted in red. Even children intuitively paint their squiggly drawn heart in strong red tones. Where we often encounter the color red is in traffic. Red lights, brake lights, etc. send clear signals and guide us safely through traffic. We find red jewelry such as necklaces and earrings to be noble, warming and precious jewelry.

Wear red jewelry correctly

The trend among red tones this fall and winter is “Valiant Poppy”: a bright red that suits every woman, regardless of hair or skin color. Red jewelry is positively eye-catching and can be combined with outfits in more muted colors. But red and red also look good! If you want something more subtle, “Red Pear” is better equipped. This deep dark red goes wonderfully with golden jewelry and looks very elegant. Add lipstick of the same color, a long dark coat and you're ready for an autumn afternoon.

Red jewelry strengthens and heals

We love red jewelry with red gemstones or red tassels. Red details with black jewelry are also a great eye-catcher. Red gemstones, such as garnet, are said to have a healing and cleansing effect on the body and mind. The red stone also gives a feeling of security and protection, it promotes courage and well-being. Less surprisingly, it is also said to strengthen the heart and blood circulation as well as relationships.

Red jewelry for strong women

Red jewelry, roses and lipstick have many things in common. Her homeland-inspired outfits and accessories were often a colorful mix of traditional Mexican scarves, short blouses and handmade statement jewelry. Her hair was pinned up and usually decorated with a wreath of flowers or a rosary. The red lipstick completed the strong woman's look.