Flower wreaths for hair

A flower wreath is a beautiful accessory for hair that perfectly frames the face. The hair wreath gives the wearer a bohemian look and goes wonderfully with walks by the sea, long summer evenings, a garden wedding or it is a sweet eye-catcher with a dirndl.

A hair accessory with a story

Flower wreaths have always been part of many festive occasions. Even in ancient Rome, people decorated themselves with braided flowers and plants during celebrations in honor of the gods. Even today, people still wear a wreath of flowers in their hair during the Midsommar festival in Sweden

Flower wreaths for weddings and other special occasions

Our flower wreaths are particularly popular as wedding hair accessories. The hair wreath can be worn naturally with open hair or combined with a romantic braided hairstyle. In addition to the wedding, there are many other occasions for which a flower wreath is appropriate and gives the wearer a very special look. How about, for example, a golden wreath with an elegant evening dress or a mystical hair accessory for Halloween? Our flower wreaths are complemented by matching hair flowers or a hair comb with flowers.

A floral wreath made by hand

All of our flower wreaths are made by hand with a lot of love. We only process high-quality artificial flowers from professional florist supplies. We continually create new collections that are inspired by current trends and themes. In addition to hair wreaths, we also offer detailed hair accessories made from flowers. For example, discover our wedding collection and festival collection.

Custom made a hair wreath

Do you already have a clear idea of ​​what your flower wreath should look like? We are happy to make a wreath exactly according to your wishes. Simply write us an email and describe to us how you imagine your hair wreath. We will select suitable flowers from our stocks and send you a suggestion. We would also be happy to advise you on which colors suit you and your dress best.