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Jewelry Gifts Guide

Birthdays, Christmas or just like that... there are many occasions to make your loved ones happy with a little something! It is often difficult to make a decision when there are so many options to choose from. That's why we thought about creating a little gift guide for the jewelry lovers among you.

It's very simple provided you know the person you want to give the gift to. Because our variety of jewelry is not limited to just one style. We have put together different looks with matching pieces of jewelry so that there is something for every one of your friends.

Last but not least, once you have decided on a piece of jewelry, you can enter that of your friend who is receiving the gift as the shipping address. The surprise effect is guaranteed!

The fashionista

Is your girlfriend on the trail of every new trend and skillfully implementing it? Then this look will suit her. The fashionista is trendy and still stays true to her style.

The Boho Queen

The queen of boho chic rules her kingdom with ease. Her outfits are airy and reminiscent of the colorful hippie era thanks to romantic details and patterned fabrics. She wears her hair in loose waves or in braids. When it comes to the number of pieces of jewelry, the most important thing for her is: the more the better. Other accessories such as boots, scarves and hats are also her trademarks.

The Dancing Queen

The Dancing Queen is the one who storms onto the dance floor first. Parties are the perfect opportunity for her to dress up and apply more make-up than usual. If you meet her at a party, she glitters and sparkles in an elegant party dress. When it comes to jewelry, she relies on stars and eye-catching creoles.

The Urban Witch

The look of the Urban Witch is mystical and dark. Her fashion taste tends between grunge and gothic. The majority of her clothing is black, which she can still show off perfectly. Over-the-knee stockings look particularly good on her, paired with a short skirt and a moon necklace.

The Plant Lover

The plant lover is a nature-loving person with a heart for everything that blooms and grows! Her natural and at the same time playful look sets her apart. She walks through her garden in colorful, feminine outfits. She particularly likes patterns of all kinds on her clothes. When it comes to jewelry, she chooses floral pendants. She also likes to wear a flower wreath in her hair.

The Waterproof Mermaid

For the beach beauty, the sea is a second home. If there were no season with cold temperatures, her wardrobe would probably consist mainly of swimwear and beachwear. Accordingly, her look is very summery: airy dresses or trousers, off-the-shoulder or crop tops and, above all, accessories with shells or starfish are her absolute must-haves!


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