How about using a golden autumn day for a picnic? With hot chocolate and a cozy blanket, you can enjoy the last sunny days. Before the icy winter arrives in November. 

A nice place for your picnic

A great place for your picnic is anywhere you like it and feel comfortable. This can be in your garden, on a jetty by a lake or in the park under colorful trees. If the surface is wet, make sure that you use a blanket with protection or additional foil underneath. This way you stay dry and can enjoy the picnic to the fullest.

Drinks and food ideas for your fall picnic

The highlight of every picnic is of course delicious food. For our picnic we filled a thermos flask with a nice fruit tea. So it stays warm for a long time. There was also fruit bread and a cheese plate. For dessert we had prepared pieces of apple with cinnamon and maple syrup. There was also popcorn with Tahitian vanilla and roasted almonds. Of course you can design your picnic according to your wishes. If you like to bake, an apple or plum cake with sprinkles is a great idea. If you like it particularly autumnal, you can also try a typical American pumpkin pie. 

The autumn decoration

At Fleuriscoeur we love to decorate. A picnic is of course also a great occasion. Pumpkins and leaves are typically autumnal. We used our new velvet pumpkins and placed the cups on wooden leaf coasters. Small candles and a bouquet of flowers also create a cozy atmosphere. The bouquet consists entirely of plants from our garden. You can just see what nature has in store for you around you. Or you can use dried flowers. You can then use them over and over again. Nice books are also great for a picnic. In it you can just browse a bit after the meal. 

Are you still looking for suitable autumn decoration? All items can be found in our new Autumn Whispers collection.

Please let us know how you designed your autumn picnic.


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