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Three simple tips: This is how your apartment gets a new look

Do you also enjoy decorating your home? Today we have three tips for you on how you can easily give a room a new look. To begin with, the initial situation of our living room. Everything still seems a bit empty and boring. The carpet alone provides some color.

Tip 1: Decorative cushions & textiles for more colour

Textiles are a good way to change the look of your home inexpensively and easily. They provide a splash of color and more comfort. When selecting the textiles, it is best to think about a theme and which colors go with it beforehand. We have opted for a summery boho look. The cushion with palm tree goes well with this. We picked up the pattern of the carpet again in another cushion. The dark green velvet cushions provide some calm between the eye-catching cushions.

Bonus tip: textiles look particularly beautiful in combination if they are made of different materials.

Tip 2: Pictures in a picture bar

Pictures in your home are an easy way to express what you particularly like. If you don't attach them directly to the wall but use a picture ledge, you can also swap them out again very easily. The picture rail also offers space for other small decorative elements. If you are looking for pictures, just have a look at our art prints .

Tip 3: Plants make your home come alive

We've added a few new plants for the finishing touch. They ensure a good indoor climate and make the room appear much friendlier. If you don't have a green thumb, plants such as monstera, yucca palm, or scrunchie are good options.


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