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The Story of the Wreath of Flowers

Hardly any other fashion accessory draws attention to itself as skillfully as a colorful wreath of flowers. This is hardly surprising, after all, the wreath of flowers is celebrating a revival and we therefore encounter it again and again on various occasions. Be it in pop music, where Lana del Rey, for example, is once again focusing attention on the boho trend with romantic wreaths of flowers, or at an alternative music festival, where dreamy festival-goers with flowers in their hair dance exuberantly to the music.

A wreath of flowers is also very trendy at romantic weddings and emphasizes the feminine charisma of the bride. One might assume that this is only a short-term trend that will soon disappear. However, if you look at the history of the flower wreath, you quickly realize that the flower wreath is anything but a passing trend. In fact, the flower wreath has a very old history and is even one of the oldest headdresses in the world.

floral wreath wedding

Wedding floral wreath

A flight through the history of the flower wreath

Basically, the wreath of flowers is as old as mankind itself. Hardly any other natural element inspires with such a variety of colors and is at the same time so easy to use. Wreaths of flowers have always been used because of their decorative character. In ancient Greece, laurel wreaths adorned the heads of successful athletes at the Delphi Games. And the winners of the Olympic Games also received an oak wreath at the awards ceremony. While these wreaths were mostly made from green, non-flowering branches, girls increasingly decorated their wreaths with brightly colored flowers.


A kotinos as awarded at the Olympic Games

The Teutons in particular adorned themselves with colorful wreaths of flowers on special occasions. The triumph of Christianity drove out all pagan holidays and symbols, so that the wreath of flowers also disappeared from the scene. It was not until the French Revolution that the wreath of flowers regained its importance and honored winners or was given away to cherished friends. Incidentally, the flower wreath experienced an absolute heyday in the epoch of the hippies. The so-called flower children were looking for a way back to nature and the wreath of flowers was an expression of this ambition. Since then, the flower wreath has not only been a popular accessory among supporters of the boho style. Today, the colorful wreaths symbolize a deep bond with nature and not only bring a smile to the faces of hippies and brides in love. In fact, this was not always the case.

Hippie floral wreath

Hippie Festival

The multiple meanings of the wreath of flowers

While the wreath of flowers is particularly popular today as a special accessory for alternative outfits, the wreath of flowers has had very different meanings throughout its history. In ancient times it was a sign of female fertility. This symbolism changed in the Middle Ages, because here the wreath of flowers showed the virginity of the woman. Since the hippies, the wreath of flowers has symbolized rebellion against conventions and consumer pressure. At the same time, it emphasized the deep connection to nature and is still used today.

Medieval wreath of flowers

In the Middle Ages, the wreath of flowers was a symbol of virginity

In short, because of its uncomplicated nature, the flower wreath is a decorative accessory with a varied history. Whether as a decorative highlight, a symbolic accessory or an expression of love for nature, the wreath of flowers will certainly accompany us in the future.


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