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Behind the Scenes - A day with Jacky

Today I want to start our new behind the scenes series on the blog. This is about the work behind Fleuriscoeur. What does our everyday work and workplace look like, how does a new collection come about, how do the preparations for a shoot look like? The start of the series is about a normal working day in my studio.

My workday

It starts around 10:00 am. With a smoothie and a cream cheese sandwich with cress, I sat down at my desk. Now I'll check what new emails and orders have come in. When it comes to e-mails, I am responsible for jewellery, metal hair accessories, PR inquiries, marketing, blogger cooperations, photographers and B2B customers. I try to answer most emails right away. But today there is also a customer who needs certain pieces of jewelry in other colors. I'll create the pictures for that later.

After answering the e-mails, I start processing jewelry orders and making the metal hair jewelry. For this I call up all paid orders and make the individual pieces of jewelry. Then I remove the jewelry from our storage system. Now the shipping labels have to be created and the orders packed before they are taken to the post office. I usually eat a small lunchtime snack in between.


Around 2:00-3:00 p.m. the second part of the day starts. Now all orders are on their way and I have the opportunity to take care of the shop. Our website is about to be relaunched. For this I work on the design of the new website, select images and also work on the code of the site. A few pictures for categories are still missing. I make a note of this as a to-do for the next week.

The bell rings and the Fedex messenger is at the door. In the package is new material for jewelry. I count this right away and enter the parts in our storage system.

Then I take care of the e-mails that I haven't been able to answer yet or that are new. I'm also writing to a photographer I'd like to work with for a styled shoot to see if she's interested.

A bridal shop has ordered a large amount of jewelry. I can't do this in the regular production time of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. That's why I'm taking my time in the afternoon to prepare the pieces of jewelery for tomorrow. It's good for watching series. Right now I'm watching The Crown on Netflix.


Now I'm cooking myself something delicious for dinner. Today we have baked feta with thyme, mango and rocket. After dinner, I'll finish the mood board for our next wildflower-themed shoot. Because the weather is so great right now, I sit down on our balcony after work.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into one of my working days. Of course, every day is different and that's exactly what I like about my job. If you have any questions, you can write me a comment.


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