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5 tips for Midsommar

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In Sweden and other Scandinavian countries, Midsommar is one of the most popular festivals of the year. We have put together 5 tips for you to help you celebrate your own little Midsommar celebration.

Tip 1: Go out into nature with friends and family. If you don't have any friends who live in the country, just rent a small house through AirBnb.

Tip 2: The centerpiece of the festival is the so-called Midsummer Bar. There are some instructions and inspiration on Pinterest, for example. Once the Midsummer pole is ready, everyone involved traditionally dances in a circle around it during the festival.

Tip 3: To eat you need young potatoes with herring, sour cream, chives, crispbread and cheese. There is Swedish schnapps or beer to drink and fruit juices for the children. Strawberries with whipped cream are a must for dessert

Tip 4: For everyone who is still looking for the right man, the custom of the seven flowers is a good idea. To do this, seven different types of wildflowers are picked from seven different meadows and placed under the pillow at night.

Tip 5: Another beautiful custom is collecting morning dew. This is stored in a bottle and is said to bring health


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