Jewelry trends 2019

Our 4 favorite JEWELRY TRENDS 2019

I hope you had a happy new year and had a good start. Due to the occasion, we browsed for new jewelry trends for 2019 and created our top 4 from them. 

1. Layering necklaces with different materials 

This trend has been going on for a while. Understandable, there are enough reasons! After all, the layered look just looks good. You can also dig deep into the jewelery box here. Wear all your favorite chains at once? No problem. The design, the length and the type of chain are generally of secondary importance as long as a harmonious overall picture is created. Of course we have already put together layering chains as a set in our shop. However, in 2019 there will be a small addition: now gold joins silver, silver joins rose gold or vice versa. A material mix is ​​finally allowed in 2019.

2. Shells 

Attention all mussel fans: you can be happy! Shell pendants are back in fashion this year. You don't have to go to the beach to collect and make a chain out of it. We have already made provisions and have some pieces of jewelry with shell pendants in the shop. Especially in summer it is a good idea to fully enjoy this trend. Other treasures of nature such as pearls or crystals are also popular in 2019. Fun fact: the oldest jewelry in the world was decorated with two pierced beads made from the shell of a sea snail.

3. Rose Gold

We recently had this all-rounder in our shop. rose gold! This trend suits every skin tone and is also not often found in various jewelry stores. Rose gold has a warm golden hue reminiscent of delicate roses. How is the unique color created? During production, pure gold is often too soft to be used in jewelry. Therefore, silver and copper are added to the raw material before processing. This is the so-called alloy. Rose gold is also such an all-rounder because it can be worn with both gold and silver jewelry. The modern look also allows a wide selection of combinable outfits! If you prefer an elegant look, there is no way around this trend.

4. Hoop Earrings

Last but not least: in 2019 hoop earrings are celebrating their comeback. In the past, the so-called "sailor earrings" served as identification for fishermen and seafarers. Engraved initials gave easier information about the person in a shipwreck. Nowadays the earrings are a lot bigger and real it-pieces. In the year 2000, the hoop breakthrough came with crop tops and flared jeans. They are available as classic rings in different sizes or with pendants. Hoop earrings look particularly elegant with a bun or a bob hairstyle.

What are your favorite jewelry trends?