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Boho wedding

Photography - Ms. Winterot / Models - Jouline Vanessa Bartels and Marc Möller / Dress - So Beautiful / Hair Accessories - Fleuriscoeur

Weddings in boho style are currently very popular. But why are more and more couples opting for a completely unconventional boho wedding? The wedding day, as a celebration of love, is the most important day in life for many. So it's no wonder that this day is associated with all kinds of romantic ideas and expectations. However, the desire for perfection often drives away any romantic mood and instead expresses itself in stress. Many bridal couples want to avoid this stress and instead focus on mutual affection.

The boho trend as a casual and life-affirming attitude to life turns away from rigid conventions and instead celebrates individuality, emotionality and freedom. Boho-style weddings celebrate love and say goodbye to set rules. Basically, everything that makes the bride and groom happy is allowed at a boho-style wedding. Of course there are numerous boho accessories and decorative items that should not be missing at any boho wedding. Nevertheless, no two boho weddings are the same and every wedding is unique.

Boho wedding inspiration

For a fairytale boho wedding – bride and groom in a boho look

The focal point of every wedding is the bride and her wedding dress. A wedding dress with a boho look is reminiscent of the style of the hippies. The fabrics are softly flowing and trimmed with delicate lace or coarser crocheted lace. In contrast to the classic wedding dress, there is no corsage or excessively sparkling rhinestones. This makes a boho-style wedding dress extremely comfortable to wear and the airy design makes it particularly suitable for warm summer days. The dress is complemented with romantic accessories such as bridal flower wreaths , hair combs or delicately sparkling jewellery . Unlike a classic wedding, the groom also has more individual freedom. Beige linen suits are particularly popular in summer. The groom can do without the jacket and instead set great accents with a waistcoat or suspenders. Your own well-being is the top priority. Numerous boho weddings take place outside, so an airy outfit should be chosen, especially in summer.

Great decorative items and accessories in boho style

You don't need many decorative items for an atmospheric boho wedding. With summery flowers, which take up the colors of the flower wreath, you create a romantic scenery. Natural materials such as cotton cushions and small wooden panels round off the wedding table in an atmospheric way. You can complement the decoration with chairs in vintage style and romantic candles. In the evening, discreetly lit lanterns create a wonderful atmosphere. A wedding in the boho trend relies on creativity and leaves room for individual freedom. Perhaps this also explains the popularity of the boho wedding, after all, the bridal couple commits to each other and celebrates the appreciation of the partner.

Boho wedding decoration


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